Our aim was to improve the traction of crawler tracks on bad surface conditions such as ice, snow, mud or soft forest ground as well as on steep terrain.


After years of research in field test runs, we were successful to make a product which faces these situations.


Our patented Track Claws are developed in practice with experienced companies and operators, for practice.

  • universal applicability, for machins with an operationald weight from 5 to 90 tons
  • increased grip, on snow, ice, mud, soft forest ground or on steep terrain and on difficult ground conditions in general
  • conservation of the track pad, no cutting, welding or drilling needed
  • quick assembly and disassembly of the Track Claws
  • completely made of HARDOX wear plates, highest capacity, minimal wear and tear
  • no downtime, working when others stand still
  • best safety for you, for your employees and machines

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